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Box Set: The Singing Brakeman

Jimmie Rodgers
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Collector's Box Set From Bear Family! 6 CDs! 145 Songs In All! Comes in a wonderfully packaged LP size box with 60-page book, featuring his COMPLETE recordings. The recordings that shaped country music are here: 'In The Jailhouse Now', 'T For Texas' (and all the blue yodels), 'Waiting For A Train', 'Never No Mo' Blues', 'Desert Blues', 'Carolina Sunshine Girl', 'Any Old Time', 'High Powered Mama', 'My Rough And Rowdy Ways', 'Moonlight And Skies', 'Gambling Polka Dot Blues', 'When The Cactus Is In Bloom', 'Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia', and Jimmie's songs about the disease that killed him, 'T.B. Blues' and 'Whippin' That Old T.B.'. This is the only complete edition of Jimmie Rodgers' work, and the only edition carefully engineered from the original metal parts. It includes the movie soundtrack, some previously unissued alternate takes, the Hank Snow overdubs, and a fabulous newly researched bio with unpublished photos.
Disc 1
  1. Sleep, Baby, Sleep
  2. Ben Dewberry's Final Run
  3. Mother Was A Lady
  4. Blue Yodel
  5. Away Out On The Mountain
  6. Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea
  7. Treasures Untold
  8. The Brakeman's Blues
  9. The Sailor's Plea
  10. In The Jailhouse Now
  11. Blue Yodel #2
  12. Memphis Yodel
  13. Blue Yodel #3
  14. My Old Pal
  15. Mississippi Moon
  16. My Little Old Home Down In New Orleans
  17. You And My Old Guitar
  18. Daddy And Home
  19. My Little Lady
  20. I'm Lonely And Blue
  21. Lullaby Yodel
  22. Never No Mo'Blues
Disc 2
  1. My Carolina Sunshine Girl
  2. Blue Yodel #4
  3. Waiting For A Train
  4. I'm Lonely And Blue
  5. Desert Blues
  6. Any Old Time
  7. Blue Yodel #5
  8. High Powered Mama
  9. I'm Sorry We Met
  10. Everybody Does It In Hawaii
  11. Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues
  12. Train Whistle Blues
  13. Jimmie's Texas Blues
  14. Frankie And Johnny
  15. Frankie And Johnny
  16. Homecall
  17. Homecall
  18. Whisper Your Mother's Name
  19. The Land Of My Boyhood Dreams
  20. The Land Of My Boyhood Dreams
  21. Blue Yodel #6
  22. Yodeling Cowboy
  23. My Rough And Rowdy Ways
  24. I've Ranged, I've Roamed, I've Travelled
  25. I've Ranged, I've Roamed, I've Travelled
  26. Hobo Bill's Last Ride
Disc 3
  1. Mississippi River Blues
  2. Mississippi River Blues
  3. Nobody Knows But Me
  4. Anniversary Blue Yodel
  5. Anniversary Blue Yodel
  6. She Was Happy Till She Met You
  7. Blue Yodel #11
  8. Blue Yodel #11
  9. A Drunkard's Child
  10. That's Why I'm Blue
  11. Why Did You Give Me Your Love
  12. Why Did You Give Me Your Love
  13. My Blued Eyed Jane
  14. Why Should I Be Lonely
  15. Moonlight And Skies
  16. Pistol Packin' Papa
  17. Take Me Back Again
  18. Those Gambler's Blues
  19. I'm Lonesome Too
  20. The One Rose
  21. For The Sake Of Days Gone By
  22. Jimmie's Mean Mama Blues
  23. The Mistery Of Number Five
  24. Blue Yodel #8
Disc 4
  1. In The Jailhouse Now #2
  2. Blue Yodel #9
  3. T. B. Blues
  4. T. B. Blues
  5. Travellin Blues
  6. Travellin Blues
  7. Travellin Blues
  8. Jimmie The Kid
  9. Jimmie The Kid
  10. Why There's A Tear In My Eye (& SARA CARTER)
  11. The Wonderful City (& SARA CARTER)
  12. Let Me Be Your Sidetrack
  13. Let Me Be Your Sidetrack
  14. Let Me Be Your Sidetrack
  15. Jimmie Rodgers Visits The Carter Family
  16. The Carter Family & Jimmie Rodgers In Texas
  17. When The Cactus Is In Bloom
  18. Gambling Polka Dot Blues
  19. Looking For A New Mama
  20. Looking For A New Mama
  21. What's It?
  22. My Good Gal's Gone
  23. My Good Gal's Gone
  24. Southern Cannonball
Disc 5
  1. Roll Along Kentucky Moon
  2. Roll Along Kentucky Moon
  3. Hobo's Meditation
  4. Hobo's Meditation
  5. My Time Ain't Long
  6. Ninety Nine Year Blues
  7. Mississippi Moon
  8. Mississippi Moon
  9. Down The Old Road To Home
  10. Blue Yodel #10
  11. Home Call
  12. Rock All My Babies To Sleep
  13. Whippin' That Old T.B.
  14. Whippin' That Old T.B.
  15. No Hard Times
  16. No Hard Times
  17. Long Tall Mama Blues
  18. Peach Picking Time Down In Georgia
  19. Gambling Bar Room Blues
  20. I've Only Loved Three Women
  21. In The Hills Of Tennessee
  22. Prairie Lullaby
  23. Miss The Mississippi And You
Disc 6
  1. Sweet Mama Hurry Home
  2. Blue Yodel, #12
  3. Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes
  4. The Cowhand's Last Ride
  5. I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now
  6. Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes
  7. Yodeling My Back Home
  8. Jimmie Rodger's Last Blue Yodel
  9. The Yodeling Ranger
  10. Old Pal Of My Heart
  11. Old Love Letters
  12. Mississippi Delta Blues
  13. Somewhere Below The Mason Dixon Line
  14. Years Ago
  15. The Singing Brakeman (the movie soundtrack)
  16. The Pullman Porters
  17. In The Jailhouse Now, #2
  18. Mule Skinner Blues
  19. Peach Picking Time Down In Georgia
  20. Mother, The Queen Of My Heart
  21. Never No Mo' Blues
  22. Blue Yodel, #1
  23. Daddy And Home
  24. Memphis Yodel
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